"Land 2-3 High Paying Clients Every Week!"
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Client Acquisition Mastery is the fasted path to 6 or 7 figures in your agency!]

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"Align The Right Message With The Right Market."

You will learn the ground breaking techniques that I use to penetrate the clients reptilian brain and get them to act and act quickly. If you do not understand your offer, than you will have to work that much harder to get someone interested.

Close Trials Like a PRO!

You will learn how to convert trials like a PRO! Learning step-by-step is critical to converting trials. Using my techniques, once perfected you will be able to convert 3/5 trials with ease!

"Systemize Your Selling"

You can only endure the "race" if you have an amazing end goal in mind! I will help you build a system that is so powerful that you will have no choice but to succeed! 

When you learn to step out of your business and work on the business, you will finally understand true Freedom.
You'll also get...
  • Elite Student Group Access, surround yourself with likeminded vulnerable individuals who are sharing the ins and outs, the wins and losses of their businesses. This group alone will push you to new heights.
  • Progress Tracker, Sales Journal, Proposals (PDF) -You will have access to the same digital assets that I use to run my agency. Create agreements in minutes!
Act Now & Get These Amazing Bonuses
Bonus #1 Your First Prospecting List!

A list of 100 highly qualified businesses in your niche who need your help! This bonus will take 48 hours to show up in your inbox as each list is custom made.
Bonus #2 "Client Acquisition Funnel Training"

The best client acquisition funnel technique in the industry starts with the ad. I will teach you how to stir the right emotions in your ad and capture your ideal clients information and get them to schedule and appointment with you... All on autopilot. 
Bonus #3 My Top 10 Converting Funnels

7 Local Funnels and 3 Agency Funnels! These funnels convert and will save you so much time. You can spend more time prospecting and less time building out funnels.
Bonus #4 "Rapid Results"

Get your clients results in 7 days or less with Danny Veigas Rapid Results program! This is a 1 hour training to help those who are new to Facebook Ads and Funnels get results regardless of their experience.
Bonus #5  Bi-Weekly Group Coaching!

You will love our Bi-Weekly group coaching sessions where I will teach you new techniques that I am using in my own agency. This is one of the most valuable bonuses in this program!
Bonus #6 Lifetime Access To Morevago 

Increase the conversions of your funnels by up to 47% by adding the valuable element of SOCIAL PROOF.
Bonus #7 "Scripts That Work"

You will learn how to beat the mindset of the gate keeper and penetrate into the decision makers "yes button." The techniques taught in this program are very exclusive and not widely taught especially in this industry.
You're Backed By a 100% Conditional Guarantee

You can enjoy access for 30 days without risking a single dollar. Here’s how that works.

We want you to earn your money back quickly. If you are happy then we are happy. Therefore, I have placed a conditional guarantee. So what are the conditions? 

In the course we use a progress tracker where you take action on the elements that I ask for 90 days (its kinda like a calorie tracker.)

If you have completed with proof all of the requirements, and have not deviated from my sales process at all. And you still have not landed 1 paying client. Than I will refund 100% your investment. 

It takes 7 days for a full investigation of effort to receive the refund.

Comments From Customers
"Ross's program helped me land 3 clients in one day!"
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"I made 50k in 60 Days"
Jordan Stevenson
"Im growing a little to fast - I have 5 paying client already"
"It's the end of week one and I have already had 2 client meetings"
Chance Akin
"The trials really get your foot in the door. I landed 3k in clients in 45 days! I had no money to buy this course a month ago. Im glad I figured it out!"
Andrew Stutzman
"I really feel like I finally made it"
Vlad P.
"I made 15 Calls and Landed 5 Clients right away."
Chase H.
"I made 25 calls, had 5 people interested and 2 strategy calls book. This stuff works."
Logan Daniel
"Before I started using these scripts everyone shut me down because I'm only 17. I just started using them and landed an appointment next week!"
"I started my agency 1 year ago and made no traction. One Day in and I have made 18 calls and landed 3 clients."
"I purchased this program morning, I made more traction today than I have in the last 3 months"
Patrick .
"Landed a client in 14 days"
Eli Fuentes
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In addition to be being backed and protected by a 30 day money back guarantee, I will also get full "Client Acquisition Mastery access", all the assets, and bonuses. 
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P.S. I can not wait till we work to grow your agency. The content found in this program is presented in a truly unique way. This can literally be the last course you ever take! I will see you on the inside!
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